Amazon Health Center, the healthy choice!

The building:

  1. Thoroughly renovate the existing building rather than demolish and build new
  2. Insulating the walls and roof.
  3. Solar panels and a heat pump that provides heating and cooling.
  4. Entire building equipped with Led lighting
  5. From large to small windows.

The facility:

  1. The PVC floors in the consulting rooms are easy to keep clean and require no additional maintenance.
  2. Facilitate waste separation well and minimize disposable items.
  3. Purchasing used furniture and other items as much as possible
  4. Central printer per unit instead of printers in each consulting room.

Outdoor space:

  1. The Amazon Garden for community residents and employees to garden and enjoy together.
  2. One of the first smoke-free health centers in Utrecht
  3. The exercise garden for seniors and youth but also a place to treat from the physical therapy department.
  4. A locked bicycle storage room for employees.
  5. Health center parking lot for our visitors only.